Ridley Scott Q&A

By |June 5th, 2012|

If I could pick just one word to describe Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s highly-anticipated quasi-prequel to his 1979 sci-fi classic Alien, it would be this: gooey. […]

Peter Farrelly Q&A

By |April 13th, 2012|

Peter Farrelly — along with his co-directing, co-writing brother Bobby — has given us some of cinema’s most indelible moments, both lovably juvenile (the bathroom mishaps of Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary) and just lovable (most everything in between). […]

Andy Richter Q&A

By |March 13th, 2012|

With the NCAA Tournament’s return to TBS this week comes the joy of Conan spillover — and with it Andy Richter, the most famous wingman since Ed McMahon. […]

Michael Ian Black Q&A

By |February 15th, 2012|

If you only know Michael Ian Black from underground comedy classics like Wet Hot American Summer and The State, prepare to be shocked by You’re Not Doing It Right, his new autobiography. I called Black to talk about his strange journey from king of snarky comedy to heart-on-his-sleeve memoirist.


Cee Lo Green Is Fucking Outrageous

By |February 6th, 2012|

It’s been a big week for Cee Lo Green. […]

School Bus Demolition!

By |May 1st, 2005|

It’s a balmy Friday night in Bithlo, Florida, and a fleet of nineteen school buses are lumbering down a narrow, mud-caked speedway. […]

Stephen Colbert: The Esquire Interview

By |August 1st, 2004|

As a veteran correspondent for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert has been blurring the line between satire and legitimate journalism since 1997. […]

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