Let GWAR Play The Super Bowl: Plus Four More Music Petitions That Will Sadly Fail

By |October 8th, 2013|

There’s something wonderful happening at Change.org […]

The Replacements Say Goodbye and Then Hello: A Retrospective

By |September 17th, 2013|

The Replacements performed in Chicago this past Sunday for the first time in 22 years. […]

The Blisters’ Last Waltz

By |August 7th, 2013|

“What is that?” a woman asks, pointing to my wristband. […]

Can a Burger Taste Like Heavy Metal?

By |July 23rd, 2013|

It‘s a filthy hot Chicago morning, and I’m trying to guess what Ozzy Osbourne tastes like. […]

I Once Sold All My Records and Now I Want Them Back

By |June 26th, 2013|

The guy in the unnecessarily tight karate gi was failing to understand why I was so upset. […]

A Few Minor Suggestions for the New Rolling Stones Exhibit

By |June 11th, 2013|

Before I even walked in the door, I was already pretty sure that “Rolling Stones: 50 Years of Satisfaction” might be the single greatest thing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has ever done or ever will do. […]

Has Body Fluid Consumption Returned to Rock?

By |May 28th, 2013|

Last week, Ke$ha apparently drank her own piss. […]

How the National Taught Me to Love Myself

By |May 21st, 2013|

I’m alone in a hotel room in Chicago. My wife is out of town on business, my two year old is with his grandparents. I have no responsibilities other than to sit in this dark room and listen to the new National album, Trouble Will Find Me. […]

Graph Search and Destroy

By |April 30th, 2013|

Nothing makes me feel fortunate to be a doddering old fart like Facebook. […]

Soy Bomb Reviews Aubrey Plaza’s Stage Crash

By |April 16th, 2013|

omething very wrong happened on Sunday night during the MTV Movie Awards. […]

Decoding Mamet’s ‘Phil Spector’ Through a Lil Wayne/Strokes Lens

By |March 26th, 2013|

Ihis past weekend was the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon. Remember Dark Side of the Moon? […]

Three Reasons I’m Actually a Little Sad I Missed SXSW

By |March 19th, 2013|

I wasn’t at SXSW this year. And I’m pretty happy about that decision. […]

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