When you think of onesies, you usually think of infants. A one-piece bodysuit just doesn’t seem like a good idea for an adult hoping to be a functioning member of society. But that’s starting to change. Websites selling onesies for adults are everywhere — there’s JumpinJammerz.com, Funzee.com and Bigfeetpjs.com, to name just a few — and business has never been better. Dave Hibler, the co-founder of adult onesie behemoth Forever Lazy, says that his company went from selling hundreds of their footed pajamas in 2009 to “hundreds of thousands” so far this year. And their onesies — basically a one-piece fleece blanket with leg and arm holes, priced at $29.95 — aren’t just being worn at home. Hibler knows of at least one Forever Lazy customer who “wears her (onesie) to water aerobics class over her bathing suit. We have reports of sightings at tailgates, malls and grocery stores.” Stranger still, the outfit comes with a “drop seat”, a fancy name for a butt flap that zips open to expose the wearer’s buttocks. And it’s not just for the reasons you might think. “You can do all sorts of things with the drop seat down,” Hibler says ominously, “and going #2 is definitely one of them.” You’re welcome for that mental image.

(This story originally appeared, in a slightly different form, in the December 2nd, 2011 issue of the New York Times Magazine.)