Brad Listi is the bestselling author of Attention. Deficit. Disorder. (Simon & Schuster, 2006) and the founder of The Nervous Breakdown, a daily webzine featuring nonfiction essays and stories contributed from a regular cartel of authors.

Rather than a conventional drawing, Brad opted instead to do a collage, partly because he enjoys the haphazard aesthetics of mixed-media, and partly because “it compensates for the fact that I’m not all that talented.”


Brad set himself the goal of completing the project in just thirty minutes. “I went online and Googled ‘anus’,” he explains. “This effort produced the centerpiece of my work, the asshole itself. From there, I grabbed a stack of old magazines — Rolling Stones, New Yorkers, Star, The Enquirer, Sports Illustrated, The Economist, etcetera — and I proceeded to flip through and cut out images and phrases that struck me funny. It was rapid-fire. Not a whole lot of preconception, and almost zero second guessing. A glue stick and a pair of scissors. I ended by photoshopping the Milky Way galaxy into the asshole itself, because despite the decrepit nature of my asshole (or any asshole, for that matter), I tend to believe in the interconnectedness of all things. So this was my way of saying, ‘Hey everybody, my asshole may be decrepit, just like any asshole, but in the end, it contains multitudes. And so does yours.'”