Daphne Gottlieb is a San Francisco performance poet and the only legitimate evidence that cloning may be a good idea. If nothing else, her DNA should be extracted immediately and preserved for future generations. You can actually describe her using words like “post-punk feminist” without sounding trite. She’s edited anthologies (Homewrecker: An Adultery Reader), collaborated on graphic novels (Jokes and the Unconscious) and written several books of poetry (Final Girl, among many others). She’s also asked me to contribute to a new book called Fucking Daphne, which is probably the single most fantastic writing project I’ve ever been involved in. Seriously. Ever.


Her asshole, to put it bluntly, looks mean. That was pretty obvious even before she pointed out its “fierce sharp white teeth.” I’ve heard of vagina dentata, but is there such a thing as anal dentata?

When I asked Daphne for details, she explained that her drawing is “a representation of the abject as per Kristeva’s essay ‘Powers of Horror’, or I failed life drawing. Wait, it might be both.” She also suggested that the meaning behind her drawing might become clear if accompanied by this quote:

“No Beast is there without glimmer of infinity,
No eye so vile nor abject that brushes not
Against lightning from on high, now tender, now fierce.”

-Victor Hugo, La Legende des siecles

See? Makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it?