Elizabeth Crane is the author of two critically-acclaimed collections of short stories, When the Messenger Is Hot and All This Heavenly Glory, both published by Little Brown. She’s also a regular contributor to Writer’s Block Party on WBEZ Chicago, and a columnist for Punk Planet magazine. Her third collection of stories, You Must Be This Happy to Enter, will be released by Punk Planet Books in Fall 2007.

And this is what her asshole looks like.


Elizabeth took an arts-and-crafts approach to rendering her asshole. As she explains, her piece is “embroidery made with fine thread, to represent (my asshole’s) precious and delicate nature. It took a couple of hours. As you will see, my asshole has wings and a halo, and is encased in a golden frame, as would any great work of art.”

The slightly illegible title reads: My Asshole! Is Awesome! And Great! “I think the title makes the meaning fairly clear,” she says. One would hope that her asshole, despite its halo-and-wings combo, isn’t intending to descend to heaven anytime soon. But if we can agree on nothing else, it’s that her asshole, like her stories, Is Awesome! And Great!