Some writers tend to be shy curmudgeons, but not Kimberlee Auerbach. She actually enjoys sharing her stories in front of a live audience. She’s competed in several Moth GrandSLAM Championships, and performed her one-woman show, Tarot Reading: Love, Sex and Mommy, at the 2005 New York International Fringe Festival. Her first book, a memoir called The Devil, The Lovers & Me, will be published by Dutton in August 2007. If you ever meet her, ask her about the time she lived in San Franscisco. It involves lesbians and burritos, though not necessarily in that order.


Her asshole self-portrait is more conventional than some of her peers – you might even call it “sphincter minimalism” – but it’s beguiling nonetheless. With just a few simple lines, drawn with a black permanent Sharpie marker in less than five seconds, she’s created an image that’s deceptively simple without losing any of the intimacy.

“This past week I’ve been busy going over the ‘first pass’ pages for my memoir,” she told me. “So my apartment has been scattered with multi-colored Post-it notes. Blue doesn’t necessarily capture my mood these days, but I do like the way the black lines look against it.”

Kimmi leaves any interpretation of her asshole up to the viewer. “I didn’t over-think it,” she says. “And I over-think everything. I think the two-line two-second approach was my way of appreciating the simplicity and beauty of the body. It just is. I am not.”