Sandra Tsing Loh is a frequent contributor to The Atlantic, a regular commentator on NPR’s This American Life, and the author of many books, including the semi-autobiographical A Year in Van Nuys. She’s also said “fuck” on the radio at least once, and has played piano on a flatbed truck during rush hour traffic on a Los Angeles freeway. She’s that cool.


Sandra informed me that her husband, Mike, believes his asshole resembles Ann Coulter. Thankfully, Sandra’s asshole isn’t quite so annoyingly Republician or homophobic.

“I decided to hand-draw an elaborate bored-in-high-school binder-style doodle,” Sandra explains. She used a ball point pen and a piece of scratch paper “made up of an old shitty draft of something flung into my trash can (known in the language of 2007 as ‘recycling’).”

It would appear that Sandra’s asshole has a lot to say, though it’s unclear whether it’s singing or just blurting out random words. Whatever your interpretation, it’s impossible to look at her asshole and not feel joyful.

“I was relieved that the body part in question was not the vagina but the asshole,” she says, “which blasts out, which brassily trumpets, its own fantastical effluvium and fabulistic blorts.”